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  • As A Leader:
  • As A Sideman:
    • Tommy Castro-Gratitude, Heart & Soul Records-2003: Tenor & Baritone Saxophones
    • E.C. Scott-The Other Side of Me, Black Bud Records-2003: Tenor & Baritone Saxophones
    • Kaye Bohler-Live At Moe's Alley 2003 (self-release) Horn Arrangements, Tenor Saxophone & Harmonica
    • Committed Ministries-A New Beginning-Bahzi Records-2003: Tenor & Baritone Saxophones
    • Johnny Nitro & the Doorslammers-Trouble 2003 (self-release) Horn Arrangements, Tenor & Baritone Saxophones
    • Mojo Madness 2003 (self-release) Tenor & Baritone Saxophones
    • Allyson Paige-Blue Horizon 2002-Saxophone
    • Sy Klopps-Roadhouse-2002 Release: Harmonica, Sax, Horn Arrangements
    • The Fabulous Miz Dee-2002 Release: Sax, Horn Arrangements
    • Stephen Dreyfuss-Broadway Blues 2001-Harmonica (3 Tracks)
    • Hot Summer Music-Various Artists (MP w/Bernard Purdie/Howard Levy/Rob Paparozzi) 2000-Harmonica
    • Mitch Woods & His Rocket 88's-Jump For Joy-Blind Pig Records-Sax, 2001, Sax, Horn Arrangements
    • Rhythmtown-Jive's cut on West Coast Mardi Gras Party, Globe Records compilation, 2001, Tenor and Bari Sax, Horn arrangements with Tim Eschliman
    • Hamsi(Herman Eberitzsch)-Musical Dice-2000 Harmonica, Sax
    • Kaye Bohler-Men & Music-2000: Harmonica, Sax, Horn Arrangements
    • Sy Klopps-Berkeley Soul-Bullseye Blues & Jazz/Rounder-2000: Harmonica, Sax, Horn Arrangements
    • E.C. Scott-Masterpiece, Blind Pig Records-2000: Sax, Harmonica
    • Yahoo Barbecue-2000-Harmonica
    • Daniel Castro-No Surrender-1999: Sax, Horn Arrangements
    • David Landon-Chasin' the Blues- 1999: Sax, Harmonica, Horn Arrangements
    • Rhythmtown-Jive-Happy New Millennium-Single-Globe-1999: Sax, Harmonica, Horn Arrangements
    • Neal Schon-Piranha Blues-1999: Harmonica
    • Mr. Bungle-California)-Warner Brothers-1999: Bass Harmonica
    • Wendy DeWitt-You're Not There-1998: Sax, Horn Arrangements
    • Burt Bacharach Tribute w/Mike Patton (Mr. Bungle-Tzadic-1998: Harmonicas
    • Rhythmtown Jive-On the Main Stem-Globe-1998: Sax, Harmonica, Horn Arrangements
    • Frank Biner-Frankie B.'s Back in Town-Acoustic (Ger.)-1997: Sax, Harmonica, Horn Arr.
    • David Denny/Diesel Harmonics-Louisiana Melody-1997: Harmonica
    • Red Archibald & The Internationals-It Just Won't Go Away-1997: Sax
    • David Landon-Doin It On Your Own-1996: Sax, Horn Arrangements
    • Rhythmtown Jive-Analog Travelog-Globe-1996: Sax, Horn Arrangements
    • Chris Cobb-1994: Sax
    • Mitch Woods-Shakin' The Shack-Blind Pig-1993: Sax, Harmonica, Horn Arrangements
    • California-1986: Harmonica
    • Gospel Couriers-1979: Harmonica